Kingdom Awakening 2013, Online Interview with Brook Potter.

With the build up to the Kingdom Awakening 2013 Conference in Wichita, Kansas, the Royal Family International University has taken the opportunity to introduce some of the speakers to the public in a series of online interviews. This week, Brook Potter, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, will be the guest speaker, interviewed by Ms. Jenine Jones.

Brook Potter, was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, but currently serves as the World Missions Director for the Royal Family International. He is also a writer on Christianstt.Com, under the tag line, “By His Blood.” Brook has been hosting and speaking at various conferences around the world, teaching the foundations of the New Covenant and Divine Healing to empower every believer.

Brook will be sharing a little about his topic on the New Covenant that he will be sharing at the Event, as well as taking questions from the attendees.

The event will be held online at Thursday July 11th 2013, at 8pm Easter Standard Time.

For more information about Brook Potter, be sure to check out his personal Blog,

Brook Potter talking about the Kingdom Awakening Seminar 2013.

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