About Brook Potter

Brook Potter

Born in 1980 and raised in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Brook Potter has a passion to spread the love and healing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a legacy attendee of Queen’s Royal College, the fourth generation of his family to attend the secondary school. In 1998, he was awakened to the realities of the Gospel, and over several years endured trials and sufferings, some of his own making, others were from the burdens of religion.

In October 2011, after a series of events, Brook had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ, that revolutionized his understanding of the Gospel and clearly identified the mixed covenants he was living under.

This event awakened him to the Grace of God. These discoveries made him break with many of the traditions of the church, and follow a path of discovery of the richness of God’s love, mercy and Forgiveness.

That journey lead him to connect with other believers around the world of like minds. In the process, he managed to train thousands of individuals in the message of Divine Healing, Prophecy and the true heart of the Gospel message.


In 2012, by a series of divine connections, Brook met up with international evangelist Pete Cabrera Jr, at a conference in Trinidad and Tobago.

Far from being a spectator, the two men became great friends, and Brook was recruited to Royal Family International University as the World Missions Director. Around this same time, he also became a regular writer for ChristiansTT, an online Christian magazine.

Since October 2014, Brook Potter has launched out Independently, through Brook Potter Ministries. His heart is to see the church and the world infused with the knowledge and a revelation of our union with Jesus Christ, and the abundance of the inheritance we all enjoy as Sons of God.

Brook Potter’s heart is to see the Kingdom of God fully revealed in every sector of society. Brook is also known for his grace-based theological teaching that crossed many disciplines;– Reformed, Charismatic, Trinitarian and also from Church history.

With a strong emphasis on God’s Grace and inclusion of all Humanity in Christ, Brook serves to set believers free from Guilt, Shame and Condemnation that keeps them from having boldness to move into the supernatural.