What it really means to be in the flesh – Bertie Brits (video teaching)

About Bertie Brits

Since the day I was saved in 1989, I have shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.

I received a boundless love for the Word of God and couldn’t stop reading the Bible. By Grace I believed what was written in the Word of God.

I would simply take what I read in the Word and go and do it.

A passion for healing was born in me when I read Matthew 10. There, Jesus told His disciples to heal and deliver people from bondage. “If Jesus said it, I can do it, for I’m His disciple too,” flowed from my mouth all the time.

When I read Mark 16 (about 2 weeks after I got saved), I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues.

It all came easily. It was just grace and love from God. From the start I was bold. I preached to the lost, to school friends, teachers and to anyone who would listen. I would also preach to those who didn’t want to hear!

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