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3 Days in Hell Seminar with Caleb Millar & Jeff Turner

March 2016, the Father's House Ministries hosted Jeff Turner and Caleb Miller for a 3 day seminar on the hot topic...

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What it really means to be in the flesh – Bertie Brits (video teaching)

About Bertie Brits Since the day I was saved in 1989 I have shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many peopl...

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In Defense of His Own – Paul White (Video)

Within the Grace and Non-Violent theology, many have adopted an attitude of pacifism. In this teaching Pastor Paul...

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How NOT to argue against Universalism!

“Every statement of faith is subjective. That doesn’t mean we cannot be confident or certain about it, it only...

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A candid talk about Hell by Jeff Turner (Video Blog)

Here's a spontaneous, shot-from-the-hip but spoken-from-the-heart talk Jeff Turner gave on "hell" at the Losing My...

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The Bible On Hell by Pastor David B. Curtis (video)

In the discussion regarding hell amongst evangelicals, Scripture should be our starting point and final authority....

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The Flesh/Spirit Contrast, Pastor David B. Curtis (video teaching)

Pastor David B. Curtis, examines Romans 8:5-11, and Paul's use of Flesh versus Spirit, and John use of Born of God....

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The Importance of Eschatology (video series)

During It's A New Day Conference in Edmonton Alberta, we sat down with Dr. Martin Trench, Dr. Harold Eberle and Dr....

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Divine Healing Resources

Divine Healing Technician – Curry Blake

Christ Centred Healing – Roger Saap

The Elijah Challenge – William Lau

New Covenant Healing Manual – Cornel Marias & Simon Wilson


End Times Resources

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Matthew 24

Victorious Eschatology

The Beast of Revelations


Jesus and the Parables

Brook Potter’s third part of his series about the Ministry of Jesus.

In this video we examine some of the parables of grace and the parables of judgement.

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