By His Blood ~ Power and Grace Conference, Barbados, Day 4

…Continued from Day 3

The Final day of the Seminar was a Sunday. We took our time that morning and slept in late. After a short dip in the pool, I had just enough time to enjoy a few minutes of the Spain vs Italy Euro Cup finals in the hotel’s lounge! From those first few minutes, I knew it was going to be a great football game to watch. None the less, I’ve got a mission to do.  I walked away from the game to go teach our final subject for the night, Evangelism and prepare for that evening’s healing service.

We started late, with only a handful of people. I know everyone was tired from all the days, so I didn’t want to go too long. There isn’t much demonstration you can do for Evangelism, except to hit the streets. So I shared on our Commission to be ministers of reconciliation, and how the New Testament Model of Evangelism is all about going out into the field. I basically preached Luke 10 Evangelism. For those who may not be familiar with Luke 10 Evangelism, my good friend, Ryan Rhoades, from Revival or Riots Ministry, did a great video teaching on this subject.

Basically, as a minister, we must always think to ourselves, what are we doing to empower the Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelist and Teachers that are learning from us in our meetings. Nothing develops a person like doing the work of the minister. As I explained to the group, the first time you pray for someone and a demon manifests and you have to deal with it, you mature real quick in those instances. If people have nothing to do as part of a church, they won’t grow. Everything in the New Testament is about growing as we go and do the work we are called to do. The message was well received. I believe they saw the potential of building those relationships, especially in the community where this church was located.

At 7:00 pm that evening, we had our healing service. There the team and I were able to minister to 15 persons who came for healing. Most important of all, I was not the only one doing the praying. In fact, at this point my voice had started to give out entirely. So I had to trust God with the team. I pray for a few select cases, usually doing nothing more than just laying my hands. Of all the persons who came for healing, everyone was healed, save 2.

Our friend Troy, who was blind, came back and we prayed for him again until we closed up the church. His eyes felt better, he felt better, and a host of other things in his body healed up, but his sight didn’t return up to the point we ended. I believe over the next few days, his sight will return. We cannot pray that much and have nothing happen. Secondly, a young boy who was both Autistic and had Epileptic seizures, we prayed for him and cast out some devils. At the end, he was able to have a conversation, but ultimately more work has to be done than the time allowed! I was so proud of the team! They all did a great job!

We closed out the evening with a few testimonies. We celebrated Jesus in our hearts, for all that he had done. I’m so proud of the team and all those involved. I’m so excited to go back when I can, and also to see the fruit from this trip catch fire and take the nation of Barbados by storm! The following morning, at 6am, I was checking my bags in to make my way back to Trinidad. I felt I accomplished much on that trip. I thank God for His Faithfulness towards me and and his word.

I’m home now, awaiting my departure to Puerto Rico in a few days, to start the adventure of Grace and Healing in the Finished work of Christ all over again!

Love you guys! Thank you for taking the time to following me on this adventure!

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