By His Blood ~ Power and Grace Conference, Barbados, Day 3

…Continued from Day 2

Day 3, I had some free time in the morning.  I decided to take a walk to the beach and just relax.  The beach was about 30 minutes away.  I thought I would take a stroll, splash around for a half hour and then come back, 1 maybe 2 hours tops!  But when I got the beach, it took my breathe away, and I didn’t want to leave, apart from my 30 minute walk both ways, I stayed 2 hours in that water!  I thought to myself, How can people work and have jobs when they have ALL THIS in their back yard?!

By evening we were back on our way to the church for the third night of the conference.  This was the big night, Divine Healing 101.  This is where the training of John G Lake’s DHT,  The Elijah Challenge, and The Power and Love Seminars were all going to be compressed into 1 hour!  It was a miracle that I managed to get as much out as I did. I explained about how Jesus only gave us two excuses for failure, firstly because of our unbelief (Matthew 17:14-20), and secondly, because of the Traditions of Men we have in the Church (Matthew 15:6 ).  So i proceeded to address many of the traditions that are held in the church.  We covered topics like is healing for today, spiritual gifts, does the person need Faith to be healed, do we need to wait on a rhema word, etc.  We have a great discussion, but I could only touch on each subject briefly because of the limited time.

After teaching about the kingly office of believers and how healing is a Command directed at the sickness, I opened the floor to those who needed healing.  A lady from the night before came up with eye pain.  I then asked for a volunteer, and the Pastor’s Daughter came forward to pray for her!  I walked her through the steps, and the Pain from the eye moved to the side of her face.  So we prayed again, and she was completely healed.  Also she had some redness in her eye that started to fade.

Next we prayed for heart conditions, and we had some volunteers come up, but they were generally fit men that didn’t have any real means to test out their healing.  After that, we called a few people on the phone, and tried healing at a distance.  The most incredible thing was that I was no longer doing all the healing, it was now the people doing it!    We prayed for a brother, Troy, over the phone who was blind.  We prayed but there was no immediate manifestation, but he managed to actually come to the session and we prayed for him again and again.  He could feel movement and burning in his eyes, but the sight didn’t manifest.  So I explained that not all healing is instant, we don’t stop praying for the sick just because someone doesn’t get healed immediately.  I was genuinely surprised Troy’s eyes didn’t open that night.

I believe everyone learned a lot, and most importantly, they were stepping out and trying new things, and trusting God!  I was very satisfied with the results from that evening.

Keep checking for the comments from the Final Day of the Conference.

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