Gnosticism VS Incarnation (Video Series)

Published on May 4, 2013

Incarnation vs. Gnosticism Part 1 – Being Human

This week John Crowder introduces the first of a five-part series on Gnosticism. In the coming weeks, he will cover the hot topics of sex, money, beer and rock and roll – specifically as Christians have viewed these topics through the religious lens of gnosticism. John shows how the gnostic heresy has long infiltrated the church, setting up a false division between the spiritual and natural world. This false dualism is the core idea of religion. But the incarnation of Jesus Christ has shattered every separation between Heaven and Earth.

Published on May 14, 2013

Incarnation vs. Gnosticism Part 2 – Money

Continuing with the second installment in our series on Gnosticism, John Crowder shows how religious Gnosticism has long vilified the natural, material world – especially in the area of money. Religion has long built shrines to poverty and upheld lack as a virtue. But the Bible never says anything negative about money – only the idolatry of it. The Lord wants his people to live incarnational lives – that includes both spiritual and material blessing. Because of Gnosticism, the topic of money is highly controversial in the church today. But money is merely a tool, and believers should expect financial favor in their lives as byproduct of their spiritual inheritance.

Published on May 23, 2013

Incarnation vs. Gnosticism Part 3 – Sex

Religion has long painted the physical act of human sexuality as evil – or at minimum “non-spiritual.” Greek gnosticism frowns on all sexual activity, even in marriage! And the Roman version of gnosticism on the other hand gives license to all sorts of sexual immorality. This week, John Crowder explores the spicy topic of sex. As incarnational people, God has given us natural world pleasures – yet they are to be fulfilled through God-given scriptural means. In Part 3 of the gnostic series, John covers this taboo subject with humor, discussing the sacramental institution of marriage as well as the role of morality for a New Covenant grace believer.

Published on Jun 2, 2013

Incarnation vs. Gnosticism Part 4 – Booze

Religion attacks natural world pleasure on all fronts, and one of the major areas is alcohol. While the church has historically enjoyed alcohol and always taught moderate consumption as a gift from God – there have always been conscience-seared gnostics who have legalistically advocated prohibition or abstinence. In this fourth installment on gnosticism, John explains again how natural world pleasures are gifts from God to be enjoyed in a Biblical model – neither to be demonized or idolized. Pop open a bottle of “natural” vino or enjoy a beer while watching this week’s video.

Published on Jul 18, 2013

Incarnation vs. Gnosticism Part 5 – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Religion has always held a beef with music. Ever since the early church’s battle against gnosticism, the concept of music as an “evil” natural world phenomena has crept into our doctrine. Though not outrightly opposed to music today, most religionists still adhere to the “secular vs. sacred” divide when it comes to music. This dualistic mindset sucks the authenticity out of the arts, rather than presenting the church as the creative hub of society she was meant to be

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