A Christian Guide: How to heal the sick

Healing is a Command.” – Todd White

Often times I am asked, what is the best way to minister healing, to which I always answer, “which ever method you have faith in is the best.”  Some can lay hands only, some pray, some can command an action, others hit people.  None of these are wrong methods, as long as the sick are getting results.

John G Lake once wrote to a fellow missionary about the secret to his success, and why he was seeing the amazing results in healing as compared to the rest of the Pentecostal Church.  To summarize the words of Lake, he taught believers to exercise their Dominion and Authority over sickness, rather than the typical intercession that the rest of the Church was doing for the sick.

In other words, we do not speak to God to do something he command his believers to do (Luke 9:2). Jesus commissioned men to go out and heal, cast out demons and preach the gospel. While the Pentecostal church at the time of Lake’s writing was crying out to God to heal the person, Lake understood the inherent Authority he and his followers had in Christ, and spoke directly to the sickness, demon and the body and commanded them to do what he said.  He was doing what Jesus taught to do in New Covenant Prayer, Speak to the Mountain (Matthew 21:21).

Jesus performed many healing miracles, not all of them involving commands. Yet if we look at the command he did issue, we see that he is not talking to God in those instances, neither is he begging, asking or pleading, nor are his eyes closed in any pious stature. What we do see, is Jesus issuing Commands using his Authority.

For example, if a person is suffering from cancer, we would speak to the cancer, because cancer is under our authority (Luke 9:1), and tell the cancer what to do, which is to Go and leave the person’s body. Further, we can speak to the body, because the body comes from the dust of the earth, and we are given authority over the earth, (Genesis 1:26), and tell the body what we want it to do. In this case, Be Healed.

That is the framework to new covenant healing. It is not a Formula, but it is a good place to start. If we want to see greater results in our ministering to the sick, we must acknowledge the Authority of the believer and exercise it over sickness and disease, that the Kingdom of God can be expressed on the earth.

For the Full Divine Healing Technician Training,  from John G Lake Ministries, you can watch it online for free here: https://brookpotter.org/media-gallery/divine-healing-technician-2009

The Secret of John G Lake’s Success


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  1. This is what God spoke to me, when i wanted to lose and get healthy. When you sit down to eat, pray this prayer: Father, help me to make healthier eating choices and only eat to sustain, not till I am over-stuffed. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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