By His Blood – He is always with us!

One of the greatest revelations I ever received was on an understanding of the New Covenant and what the finished work of Jesus is all about.  It has also been the message that has given me the most strife, resistance and opposition from religious individuals

I still remember the youth meeting I was in attendance, where a lady made a simple statement that revolutionized everything for me.  She said, “Why do we sing songs from the Psalms, about God not removing his Holy Spirit from us (Psalms 51:11), when he has already promised us, never to leave us nor forsake us? (Hebrews 13:5)”

This simple notion got me thinking that both statements could not be true at the same time.  While David was in his right to pen those words under the old covenant, for us who live under the new covenant, to ask God not to leave us after he promised never to do so, amounts to nothing more than unbelief in his word.

This opened my eyes to beginning of the journey into the message of God’s Grace.

It is easy to feel the presence of the Lord when we are in a worship service, or in our intimate times of fellowship.  It takes very little faith to know God is there, when you can feel him.

Yet, in those dark moments, in our failures, when we don’t feel his presence, those are moments we need faith.  We are so quick to revert to the old covenant way of thinking and assume God is not with us, but it is in those moments, when we feel nothing, that we get to exercise the type of Faith that pleases God.

To say to the Lord, “I don’t feel like it, but I’m going to trust that you are here with me because you said you would be.”

Then to know, that by trusting him in those moments, despite how we feel, we are walking by faith, and our faith in those times is pleasing to the Lord. (Hebrews 11:6).  This is the reason God calls us Believers, and not feelers.

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