The Bible On Hell by Pastor David B. Curtis (video)

In the discussion regarding hell amongst evangelicals, Scripture should be our starting point and final authority.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that historical theology is irrelevant. How the biblical texts have been interpreted throughout almost 2000 years of Church history matters in a very real sense.

The Church Councils can be informative for our doctrine, but are not supposed to take precedence over Scripture.

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  1. A sermon by Pastor Curtis was left at I listened to the recently spoken sermon about LGBTQ+ and curiosity led to peeking at the pastor’s church Website and more searching brought me here.

    Many ways to interpret scripture. Who to believe is a major guesswork, since well-educated folks can make decent to good cases for backing their own belief.

    The sermon here makes an excellent case for Pastor Curtises’ view. It is a treat to have a preacher speaking in a “normal” voice instead of that oft-heard shouting at the crowd style of oration.

    Have a nice day!!!


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