The Parousia: the doctrine of the Lord’s Second Coming.

The Parousia: A Careful Look at the New Testament Doctrine of our Lord’s Second Coming,” By James Stuart Russell.

Russell goes through every passage in the New Testament where the word ‘parousia’ is used and looks at the passage in its immediate context, as well as how the passage would have been heard by its original audience and, when applicable, he looks also at the Old Testament backdrop to the New Testament ideas. Russell engages theologians of his era (which was over a hundred years ago) and shows their errors in logic when they try to push the fulfillment of the parousia off into the far distant future of Jesus’ disciples.

He basically shows, systematically, how the New Testament talks about Jesus’ arrival, coming or Second Advent as something that was always, only and ever, promised to happen to his first century audience, or the disciples of Jesus’ generation. If that sounds impossible to you, read this book! He explains, step by step, how each passage was fulfilled in the first century and what Good News this really is for us today. This book was a landmark in its time and has remained a theological classic and ‘ground zero’ for people exploring realized eschatology. 

You can read the entire book online for FREE HERE! 

I highly recommend it for any student of the Bible or History.

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