By His Blood – The New Nature, Part 1

Romans 2:14 For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:

A question was posed to a gathering of believers by a youth minister, “How many of you think you can go to the beach, with all those half-naked women and not lust?!” 

A young man put up his hand, and expressed disagreement with that statement and subsequently became the object of much ridicule and jeering.

The preacher had inadvertently introduced the notion that if you go to the beach, you will struggle with lust. 

So what do you think happened to the youth in that group?  In the guise of living “holy,” as we found out later many stopped going to the beach, not because they were struggling, but because this preacher had created an idea that says anyone who goes to the beach must struggle with lust.

People who tend to be the most vocal against the message of Grace, are usually like the preacher I’ve mentioned above. They have revealed from their heart that what they really believe about Christians is that they are still wicked, rotten sinners, too weak to know what’s best for themselves.

Avoiding all forms of temptations

So these preachers are always trying to get people to avoid any kind of temptation, either on the beach, on Facebook, or anywhere, because they don’t really believe the Gospel and the truth about our New Nature. 

They do little more than force bad behavior into hiding, and a church no longer becomes a safe place to share the worse about yourself and find healing, because the sin police are looking out. 

And you better not be doing any foolishness when the “Rapture” comes, so even if no one is watching you better be doing good for goodness sake because Jesus is coming to town!

They are always quick to point out the obvious evils of places, songs, movies, food, Dora. It’s because they really don’t believe that Christians are dead to sin, and have been made new creations. 

They believe enough exposure to external wickedness can somehow corrupt the incorruptible seed of Jesus Christ.  As a result, they are terrified of grace, because basically they really believe people are vermin, except themselves, whom are not susceptible to temptations. And that Christians will take advantage of God if we give them too much freedom.

The Focus on sin

These Preachers always find creative ways to keep the battle focused on sin, and justify their position.  So they take the freedom Scriptures and insert their own dogma into. 

They say things like “we have been made righteous only positionally, but not really righteous,”. Or they will say “the flesh is sinful and we must battle against it daily,”. Or darkness is more powerful than light, so don’t go here or there. 

These preachers are just expressing that Jesus really didn’t do a complete work, and needs their personal expertise to help the rest of us along.

They point out the dangers of grace, and point to the few examples of people who have apparently gone wayward. They conveniently forgetting the large numbers of people they have driven back into the world through their performance-based sin management preaching. 

Nothing to do with the church

Many of whom want nothing to do with the church or Christians again.  Oh, and by the way, I am talking about myself, more than three years ago.  Everything I’ve said above, I’ve done.  The youth Minister who posed the question to the young people that was me, teaching at a home group meeting many years ago.

I had gone through the exact same thing when I was in a youth meeting a couple years earlier and I was just doing what I was taught, and when I raised my hand in objection back then too, I was also jeered at and even told that I was reprobate. So then my turn came to start teaching the same thing to youths I ministered to.  

And I can say first hand, I’ve destroyed people’s lives by doing these things, many of whom may suffer eternal consequences because of my twisting of the Gospel. 

That life did little more than make me and others wear a mask and fake it before the rest of our peers. The emotional, psychological and spiritual damage done to God’s Children throughout the church from this behavior has affected untold millions.

God’s plan for salvation and our new nature

In the first three chapters of the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul is explaining God’s plan of salvation for all mankind from creation to the Cross. 

In those first few Chapters, we see what this Great Plan God had on how to fix broken Humanity, and how what he has done transforms our lives to live right.  It is hidden away in Romans 2:14, and it’s the phrase, “do by nature the things contained in the law.”

There are only two ways to produce the righteous living on the earth.  The first is external, which is basically a list of Do’s and Don’ts, we usually call them things like Christian duty, or Spiritual Disciplines.

Really and truly, it’s the law masquerading as Christianity.  This is the method most of the Church employs, because they believe the nature of Christians is still sinful.  They may profess otherwise, but their fruit speaks for itself.

The second way is by Nature.  This is what the Cross has accomplished, a complete transformation and renewal of a person into a New Creation, not figuratively or positionally, but in reality.  Jesus Christ actually lives inside of us

We have actually been made Righteous by Nature.  Our Flesh has actually been crucified with our sinful nature and is no longer fighting us. 

Our heart has Actually been transformed into a heart of Flesh.  We are Actually in Union with God, and His Divine Nature flows through us.  What would be the result if we Actually believed it?

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Paul White Talking about Right Living under the New Covenant.

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