By His Blood ~ Power and Grace Conference, Barbados, Day 2

…Continued from Part 1

The following morning, my voice didn’t really improve, it actually got worse.  None the less, I set out to be a tourist with my Guide, Dionne, who had taken some time off from work.  I Love being a tourist, it’s one of the few roles where you are celebrated for knowing nothing about a country, and you get to ask all kinds of silly questions without prejudice.   We saw all sides of Bridgetown and the south coast.   Even with my strained voice, one of the fruit vendor managed to pick up Trinidadian accent, Full Points to that Guy!

While on the streets, I spotted a lady walking with a cane.  I immediately stopped the lady and asked what the condition was.  It was a prosthetic leg.  So I asked if I can pray for a New Leg to Grow back in place of the artificial one.  She made an excuse about being late, and I explain it’s only going to take a few seconds.  So I took her by the hand, and I command a leg to grow back!  She was really touched and shocked.  Although a new leg didn’t manifest in that moment, I’m hoping that some growth will occur over the coming days.  I was very excited!  I was such the tourist that I noticed and pointed out things that even the locals hadn’t noticed!  They were so good to me.  I love those guys.

That evening, we visited the church in the community of Prerogative.  I met the Pastor, whom had offered us his facilities for our engagements.  Unfortunately, we arrived late, and again, my 3 hour teaching and demonstration was whittled down to an hour.  Interestingly enough, as I started preaching and getting into the message, my throat cleared up and my voice strengthened and I managed to preach right the way through.

Now there were a lot of young people there, so I decided to do a sample of the healing teaching for the following day.  Many of them were tired and falling asleep, and I know they were only acknowledging me out of courtesy at some times in my message.  So I asked all the young people to pair up and come to the front.  I asked one half of the pairs to sit and the other half to stand in front their partner and then I told them that we are going to perform a miracle of growing out our other person’s legs to be even.  At that point the sound technician came down from the second floor, apparently he had a very large difference in his legs and came for prayer.

I sat everyone down and walked them through the steps, of identifying the person’s shorter leg, and then told them how to command that leg to grow out.  Of the 4 People who came up, all four legs grew out.  Although some had very slight adjustments, but our sound engineer had a drastic move and others felt the sensation.  Then I told the parties to switch, and do the same to the person who had prayed for them.  I even volunteered and said that someone has to grow My Leg out!  The Pastor himself, who had never done anything like this before, grew out my leg almost a full inch!  That Church will never be the same!  I Continued the Demonstration with the Arms, and then healed a few ladies who had pain in their feet without even praying for them, just by the laying on of hands.  It was Amazing, Jesus is so Wonderful.

I made it a point to tell everyone involved, that i never lay hands on them, that the power was always in them, because Christ is in them. It was getting late, and i knew people had to get to work in the morning, so we closed the evening.  It was a great success, and I know those young people will never be the same.

More coming up tomorrow…

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