By His Blood ~ Power and Grace Conference, Barbados, Day 1

Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I am back from Barbados, and what an amazing experience we had!  I firstly like to thank Shane Greaves and Dionne Osbourne for inviting me come and impart the message of Christ’s Finished Work and the activate the power of healing to the members of the Jus’ Worship Team.  It was very short notice, but God Orchestrated things wonderfully that we get some time to see the island, and minister in the evenings.  The team took great care of me, and made sure I was comfortable and taken care of.

I’m really a big tourist at heart, and Barbados is a tourists dream!  I loved everything, from the accents to the architecture; I absolutely fell in love with Barbados!  I’ve got to thank my friend Pete Cabrera Jr., for sponsoring my ticket out there, and the Jus Worship team for taking care of me on arrival.  I went to the island with the intention of sharing 3 hours a night for 4 days on the subjects of Grace, New Creation, Healing and Evangelism.

For the first night, because of time restraints, we started late at around 8pm, so I decided in my heart that I would only speak for an hour, because I knew people had commitments. We had 5 from the Jus’ Worship team show up, but I’m not bother by numbers, so I preached as if I had a 100.  We discussed the Cross and issues of Shame Guilt and Condemnation in the lives of believers.  For those of you who are familiar with the work of Bob George, I shared the story of Steward and his punishment to write weekly checks to the family of girl that he had killed with his car.  (Thank You, Donald Nothnagel for the printout from the Book, Growing in Grace)  The message resonated so well that everyone was shocked and amazed by God’s Love towards them and saw the need clear the air between God and Themselves to really walk in the fullness of our relationship with Christ!

Even after I concluded, around 9:15, we talked even more and many folks didn’t leave the venue until closer to 10.  The Message of Grace so resonated, that no one really wanted to leave.  I praise God for Good Ground!  By the end of the evening, my throat started to act up a bit, and I started to lose my voice.  I didn’t worry much about it, I figured a Good Night’s Rest and I’ll be fine.  Our group could have spoken all night, but by 11, we had wrapped up and everyone departed, and the three of us, Shane, Dionne and I settled into the room for the night.  Excited for what was to come in the days ahead!

Stay tuned as I share on each day of the conference.: …. Day 2

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