By His Blood – Mission to Puerto Rico Part 3 – Pete Cabrera jr’s Sermon

….Continued from Part 2

On the Second Ministry night of our mission, we attended a church in Moca. It was a beautiful little ministry. Again, Pete Cabrera jr was the main speaker, but he allowed me to introduce him and share a little bit of my testimony. After I had handed over to Pete, and he began his message, the Power went out! That began a long, hot night of ministry. They opened up all the doors and windows, and even drove their cars to the doors to put the headlights on, to get light into the Church. We didn’t stop ministering to the sick.

Pete Cabrera worked alongside the local pastor, to train him how to heal his congregation. I got some video recorded, and ended up speaking to a few people about God’s Grace and Love. This one lady, the wife of a Pastor, was so nervous and riddled with fear, that when I started to share the Love of God with her, she started to cry. She had never heard the things I was sharing, and was able to experience freedom for the first time in all her Christian walk.

I don’t know how many people we ministered to that night. Even Pete’s son, Avian, prayed for a little boy whom had his sight restored. Upon closing we prayed for a minister, Pastor Joe, who was missing a leg. Before we prayed, he gave Pete Cabrera jr and myself a Word about his Ministry, and how he is going to equip many and be a launching pad for many people into divine healing and grace. We were sincerely blessed by his words of encouragement. Finally he let us pray for his leg. Even though it did not grow out at that point, we are still trusting God for his Miracle.

potter's houseThe Sunday that followed we had two services. In the morning we attended a church that’s come to be known as the Potter’s house. It is a beautiful church with an amazing background painting. The lead Pastor came over and introduced himself to us and invited us to return to do a healing service on the follow Wednesday. Everything at the church is done in Spanish, and the worship was out of this world. It’s strange how you can really connect with the Lord when you’re not distracted by words.

That evening we moved to a Tent church in Aguadilla. The Ministry was started and later abandoned by a pastor who was not able to keep up with his obligations. Despite his leaving, the group continued to meet in this tent, while the beginnings of a church building lay unfinished in the back of the property. It was a very emotional experience. The foundation was already laid, they had some wooden walls up, and even some rafters for the roof, but then everything stopped. Both Pete and myself were moved to see how best we can help raise the money to finish the construction.

It was even more emotional inside the tent. I kept remembering the Words of the Lord when he commissioned me to show the people how much He loves them. Thinking about that unfinished church in the back of the property, while standing in the heat and humidity of the tent, was a constant reminder of how much we have failed to love our fellow brothers and sisters. At times it was hard to keep from weeping. We vowed to do everything we can to help bring the church to completion.

This woman could not walk without pain and said men can not heal only Jesus can! Watch what happens in a mall in Puerto Rico, Aguadilla.

The evening service went well. Pete Cabrera jr preached on our new identity in Christ, and how we must demonstrate the kingdom with Power. Later he challenged one of the local leaders to lay hands on a lady with pain and trust God for her healing. The lady was healed. Around that time, the battery on the camera died, and I was freed to also join the ministry team and pray for a few people. Everyone we prayed for was healed or felt significantly better. They were a wonderful and dedicated group of people. We plan to do everything we can to help this church get into their building and continue in the ministry of Grace and Healing.

Continued in Part 4

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