By His Blood – Disappointing God?

“How can you disappoint a God who knows everything before you do it?” – Brook Potter

Growing in the Grace and the knowledge of God is the best part of the walk as a believer. Jesus said that he is the vine, and we are the branches. The nature of a branch is not to produce fruit, rather that is the role of the root, the branch just holds the fruit. To take the analogy even further, fruit, in the natural, comprises mostly of water; in a spiritual sense, it is the Holy Spirit that makes up the fruit in our lives. The fruit of the Spirit is a promise, not a command.

On occasion, believers can be quilted into performance, especially in the area of Evangelism, either by the unction of a preacher or even as a law unto themselves. We all know the importance of the harvest, but there are times we miss the mark. We see someone that we feel led to witness too, but yet we say nothing. The person we felt led to speak to eventually moves on and we feel like we have dropped the ball. The feeling of disappointment is compounded when we think in some way, we have disappointed God, or failed to live up to our own expectations.

So, Are You Disappointing God?

There is of course Good News. Firstly, you cannot disappoint God, because God knew you were going to do it before you did it. In order to disappoint someone, they must have an expectation of you and they must not know the outcome in that circumstance. Fortunately, that can never happen with God, because he knows what we will do before we do it.

In those situations, when we fail to perform or act on those kinds of leadings, that is just an area where God’s Grace and influence as not yet produced fruit in your life. The very fact that you wanted to, shows the power of our union, as God’s heart is expressed in your desires where maybe before that kind of thing never crossed you mind. With that in mind, as we continue to grow, eventually you move beyond just a feeling, and actually step out and talk to the person. You do not do that in and of yourself, God’s influence on your life eventually removes the hindrances in our mind to allow that to happen organically.

There is also the law unto our own selves. Oaths, Vows, and Promises we make are all a self-imposed expectation we place upon ourselves. I’m not talking about things/decisions we make, out of fellowship with the Holy Spirit, not to do something. I’m talking about a knee jerk reaction to our failures or to guilt preaching where we determine within ourselves,” I will Not do something”, or” I Will Do something,” based on nothing more than self will. When we fail to live up to those expectations, we tend to feel guilt also, but it’s important to know, God is not putting those feelings on us. We disappointed ourselves.

Bob George in his Book, Growing in Grace, took the parable of Jesus and described that growing in Grace is exactly as he stated. The more we draw on the life of Christ in us; his influence eventually affects our emotions, desires and finally our actions. So Even if we are only at the emotional part, but are still not following through with action, that’s alright, just allow God’s Grace to be spread abroad in your heart and God will untangle you until you are able to do that which your heart desires.

Brandon Lee, talking about the end of worthlessness.