Puerto Rico July 2012

I’ve recently got back from our mission in Puerto Rico.  I would firstly like to thank Alberto Barreto And John Maccarelli , the two brothers who invited and supported us on this trip.  They took amazing care to ensure we were well taken care of and that we met all our engagements on time.    It was also a great joy for me to finally meet Pete’s wife Katie, and two children, Avian and Desney.

I touched down in San Juan, around 12pm on the 10th of July.  Alberto met me and decided to wait for Pete and the family seeing as where we were staying was 2 hours away.  It would not have made sense to leave and then come back for them.  So we did not end up leaving the airport until close to 8pm.  That began out 2 hour drive to Aguadilla, and Alberto’s Residence.

Upon Arrival we met our fellow Brothers John Maccarelli, an Italian American who has become affectionately known as “The Gringo.” Also we met the host of the Kingdom School of Supernatural Ministry in Puerto Rico, Thierry Nakoa.  This was the team we would be working with during our stay in Puerto Rico.

My friend Pete and his family were somewhat overwhelmed by the heat.  While I was sitting on the front porch in a blazer, my fellow American friends were passing out from the heat.  They really thought I was crazy, but being from the island has some advantages.

Now I knew going into this, Pete is the front man to these events.  I’m really there to support, and assist him in whatever he needs.  But the Gentleman that he is, he included me as part of his ministry at almost every church that we visited.  He knew there was a fire inside me ready to go at any moment.  That’s the great think about Pete, he’s not there to steal a show, he’s there to help others become the best they can be.

Our first night of ministry was a house meeting at the Residence of Alberto.  We had about 12 in attendance.  We were supposed to start at 7pm, but Puerto Rican Time meant everyone was going to show up at 8pm or later.  We started by ministering to a girl who had back pain.  After we had prayed she felt much better but was not yet fully free from the pain.  Pete asked her to stay, until after he preached his message and we’ll pray her again.

Pete started preaching about our union in Christ and the importance of not separating ourselves from his Spirit.  While Pete was preaching his message, Alberto Barretto was translating his words in Spanish for some of the listeners to understand.  At the same time, John Macarelli, recorded the message on his Iphone, and subsequently posted the videos on facebook.

At the end of that session, we invited the girl with back pain to come back up.  Pete called me and Alberto up to pray for her again, and as we did, she was completely set free from the pain.  Some people left to get back to work, others stuck around for a bit.  Pete expressed that he had more to preach, and not long after we were back in the room, and he preached another message about Jesus and the undoing of Adam.  We didn’t close that session until almost midnight.

The good thing about how the days were structures was that most of the services were in the evening.  We managed to get the days to ourselves to hit the streets to pray for the sick, or even just to relax and enjoy the Beach.  Pete’s family live in Kansas, and they have never really been in the ocean before.  It was a real delight to see them get to enjoy some of the things that we from the island enjoy, such as digging holes in the beach, building sand castles, and body surfing.  They had no bake and shark though.

We only had one incident on our first day out to beach.  At the Crash Boat beach in Aguadilla, Pete’s young daughter, Deseny got stung by a jelly fish.  It also got Pete on his shin while carrying his daughter out of the water.  We quickly applied vinegar and scraped the affected area with a knife to get any of the tentacle hooks out.  It was a traumatic time for all of us, but we are happy to say since that time, Deseny has been back in the water and seem to really enjoy the beach.

The second church we visited was just a night service.  We were not part of the ministry team, so we went just to enjoy the worship and fellowship with our fellow brothers and sister.  I purposely decided not to sit next to Alberto to have him translate the message, rather deciding to trust the Holy Spirit to reveal the message to me.  Although I never understood all that was said, I would later speak to our hosts and tell them what the message was about, with amazing accuracy.

The first day on the streets, we hit the town centre of Aguadilla.  We started at the Parque Colon, and ended up in the local Mall, called Amigos.  It was amazing experience.  Alberto Translated while Pete ministered to the various people, and I was point with the Camera to record the sessions.  We saw all hosts of pains leave people’s bodies.  We prayed for a veteran affected by Agent Orange, who experienced all the pain leave his body.  We prayed for people with HIV and even took a few canes away from people who were walking by to find they were able to walk perfectly without them.  God was faithful to his word, as multiple people got healed that day.

You can view the video of the Veteran here:

On our Second Ministry night, we attended a church in Moca.  It was a beautiful little ministry.  Again, Pete was the main speaker, but he allowed me to introduce him and share a little bit of my testimony.  After I had handed over to Pete, and he began his message, the Power went out!  That began a long hot night of ministry.  They opened up all the doors and windows, and even drove their cars to the doors to put the headlights on to get light in the Church.  We didn’t stop ministering to the sick.

Pete worked alongside the local pastor, to train him how to heal his congregation.  I got some video recorded, and ended up speaking to a few people about God’s Grace and Love.  This one lady, a wife of a Pastor, was so nervous and riddled with fear, that when I started to share the Love of God with her, she started to cry.  She had never heard the things I was sharing, and was able to experience freedom for the first time in all her Christian walk.

I don’t know how many people we ministered to that night.  Even Pete’s son, Avian, prayed for a little boy whom had his sight restored.  Upon closing we prayed for a minister, Pastor Joe, who was missing a leg.  Before we prayed, he gave Pete and myself a Word about his Ministry, and how he is going to equip many and be a launching pad of many people into divine healing and grace.  We were sincerely blessed by his words of encouragement.  Finally he let us pray for his leg.  Even though it did not grow in at that point, we are still trusting God for his Miracle.

The Sunday that followed we had two services.  In the morning we attended a church that’s come to be known at the Potter’s house.  It was beautiful church with an amazing background painting.  The lead Pastor came over and introduced himself to us and invited us to return to do a healing service on the follow Wednesday.  Everything at the church was done in Spanish, and the worship was out of this world.  Its strange how you can really connect with the Lord when you’re not distracted by words.

That evening we move to a Tent church in Aguadilla.  The Ministry was started and later abandoned by a pastor who was not able to keep up with his obligations.  Despite his leaving the group continued to meet in this tent, while the beginnings of a church building lay unfinished in the back of the property.  It was a very emotional experience.  The foundation was already laid, they had some wooden walls up, and even some rafters for the roof, but then everything stopped.   Both Pete and myself were moved to see how best we can help raise the money to finish the construction.

It was even more emotional inside the tent.  I kept remembering the Words of the Lord when he commissioned me to Show the People how much He loves them.  Thinking about that unfinished church in the back of the property, while standing in the heat and humidity of the tent, was a constant reminder of how much we have failed to Love our fellow brothers and sisters.  At times it was hard to keep from weeping.  We vowed to do everything we can to help bring the church to completion.

The evening service went well.  Pete preached on our new identity in Christ, and how we must demonstrate the kingdom with Power.  Later he challenged one of the local leaders to lay hands on a lady with pain and trust God for her healing.  The lady was healed.  Around that time, the battery on the Camera died, and I was freed to also join the ministry team and pray for a few people.   Everyone we prayed for was healed or felt significantly better.  They were a wonderful and dedicated group of people.  We plan to do everything we can to help this church get into their building and continue in the ministry of Grace and Healing.

During the week we had some time to relax and recoup.  We spent some much needed time at the beach, and seeing some of the beautiful sights that Puerto Rico has to offer.  Even Katie, Pete’s wife, was feeling so much more relaxed and at home.  Pete has been going none stop in ministry for several months, I myself had been on 3 different islands in less than month doing ministry, so this was a much needed break with some wonderful time spent together in the ocean.

Wednesday finally came along, when Pete and myself were to do a healing service in “The Potter’s house.”  We shared the microphone while Alberto Translated.  Pete spoke about Christ in us, and our need to give him room to work in our lives and in the lives of others.  When my opportunity came, I Spoke about God’s Faithfulness to fulfil His plans and Destiny in our Lives, that we are pre-destined to be conformed to His Image, if we like it or not.

As we began ministering to the sick, we started praying for people with pain.  As a general rule we start with pain, because people who have pain tend to want to leave early rather than continue to sit in discomfort.  Also pain tend to leave quickly, and you want to leave the more serious cases for later when you have the time to minister.  The first gentleman with back pain came forward and got healed, then later he went to the bathroom and explain that he used to have prostrate trouble, but after he used the bathroom he had no more pain there either!  I got to pray for a man with Muscular Dystrophy, he was unable to stand, walk or move unassisted.  After I prayed for him he was able to stand and walk stronger.  I prayed for him several times that night and each time he got stronger and stronger.

The Highlight of the Evening was Pete praying for a lady who had crushed spinal disc in her back.  She was unable to walk or bend over properly.  Pete and his Son both Prayed for the lady several times.  Finally Pete took her legs into his hands and elevated her legs, until he heard something snap into place.  At that point, she stood with no pain, and proceeded to bend over and touch her toes as tears streamed from her face.   It was an amazing miracle!

In the midst of all this excitement, we managed to get several persons from the congregation to step up and start praying for the sick.  Deaf Ears opened, all manner of sickness and pain left people’s bodies, and most importantly for us, the people of that church were now doing the ministry.  By the time we left that church, we knew that a great seed had been planted.  Many came up to us afterwards to testify of all God had Done.  It was a good drive home that night.

The following night was the first night of the Kingdom School of Supernatural Ministry conference.  I was allowed to Open with about an hour.  I shared my testimony and about the journey that God had me on to discovering His Grace and His Power to heal.  I talked about the Guilt that Believers struggle with that keeps them from coming to God and how the Cross is the answer to that Guilt.  Later, Pete came on and spoke about the work of Jesus as the second Adam, and the restoration of humanity into the garden by Christ.  He addressed the authority of the believer and how we should expect miracles, healing and the supernatural as everyday living.

By the end of the evening, we were preparing to close and we were asked to do a Fire Tunnel.  Now for any of you that know our message, and understand the finished work of the Cross, you know that we are already complete in Christ; we cannot really give you anything new, you already have everything you need.  Pete and I were kind of put on the spot a little.  But we agreed to do it, out of respect for our host.  Basically we just ended up praying for everyone and healing anyone with sickness.

The people were really moved by the Spirit.  Some were healed physically, while other had some deep emotional encounters with the Lord.  Eventually it was so much that we broke up individually to try and cover more ground.  Pete, Alberto and myself, each had to fend for ourselves for a bit.  I was the only one at somewhat of a disadvantage because I was the only one of the three that didn’t speak Spanish.  Fortunately I had made a friend with a Costa Rican brother, Alfonso, who assisted me.   It was easy from that point on.

They wanted us to close up the meeting by 10, but I don’t think we closed until minutes to 12.  It was a beautiful evening.  We left there tired and spent, but we felt people had a good idea of what to expect from us for the next day of ministry.  We knew our message would cause some ripples, because most supernatural school survive on the ideas of impartation and the idea that you lack something.  That’s not our message, we preach the opposite, you are complete, full and lacking nothing.  Over the next day, we had a talk with the hosts and sorted things out, and I believe we understood each other better afterwards.

Coming down to our last few days, we paid a visit to dear sister from the Dominican Republic who had recently lost her husband to do a small memorial service of sorts in her house.  It was an intimate setting in her living room, where Brother Alberto go up and did the service in both Spanish and English.  Not to long into the service Pete was invited to say a few words, and in usual fashion, he starts praying for the sick.

While this is going on, a lady who spoke English came up to me and asked me to pray for her.  She had a laundry list of things that was going on with her body.  I really didn’t need to know it all, because the answer to each condition is the same, Jesus.  While ministering to her, her knees got healed, to the point she was marching around the house, in amazement wondering if this was a dream or not.  Her deaf ear opened up and started to gradually improve in hearing over the rest of the evening, and most of all she experience the Father’s Love upon her life and was set free from wondering if she was pleasing and acceptable to our God.

Pete continued to minister to the widowed lady and her family, and eventually ended up speaking to a guy outside while we were eating, about the conditions in his life also.  While we were enjoying our dinner, Pete was talking with this guy and praying for his addictions to be broken and for freedom to come into his life.  By the end of the evening the man had undergone an amazing transformation by the power of God.

On our final day of ministry, we returned to the Kingdom Supernatural School early on the Saturday Morning.  I opened the session with about 2 hours on the New Creation and what it means to be justified by his blood, with intermittent breaks in between.  Pete took on the after Lunch Session, firstly by presenting me with my Ordination Certificate and then talking about all the excuses we use that prevent us from healing the sick and why they are really not biblically accurate.

Alberto was there faithfully translating the whole time.  At times we would get so excited about the message that he would have trouble keeping up with us.  He later called Pete Speedy Gonzales for his zeal to get the message out but leaving little time to translate.  Pastors and those in attendance had never heard much of what we talked about in the way we had described it before.

At the close of the session, we invited various people up for healing and to minister to the sick.  Various members came up, including some of the pastors.  Everyone Got healed, some with nothing more than just the laying on of hands.  God was so good to us in that session.  As we closed we felt we had deposited much into the lives of the people.  We made it a point to mention that we had left all of our material and curriculum with Brother Alberto for those who wanted to get more information to be in contact with him.

We knew that each of the topics we had touched on was really a 3 day seminar in and of itself.  There was no way we could cover it all in the time allotted.  None the less, we gave it out all.

That was my last day of ministry, the follow day I had packed up all my stuff and made my way back to San Juan International Airport to make my way home to Trinidad and Tobago. There was so much that happened on this trip, so many miracles, it would be a novel for me to record it all.   All the wonderful people we met, and all the stories we heard.  It was truly one of the best trips of my life.

It has been a wild few weeks for me.  And I’m just days away from another trip to Kansas in the United States, to go and spend time with Pete to record some DVDs about Divine healing, Grace and evangelism.  I hope you continue to follow me on this adventure as we set out to change the world one soul at a time through Kingdom grace and Power.

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