Jus Worship Barbados July 2012

I am back from Barbados, and what an amazing experience we had!  I firstly like to thank Shane Greaves and Dionne Osbourne for inviting me come and impart to the Jus’ Worship Team.  It was very short notice, but God Orchestrated things wonderfully that we get some time to see the island, and minister in the evenings.  The team took great care of me, and made sure I was comfortable and taken care of.

I’m really a big tourist at heart, and Barbados is a tourists dream!  I loved everything, from the accents to the architecture; I absolutely fell in love with Barbados!  I’ve got to thank my friend Pete Cabrera Jr., for sponsoring my ticket out there, and the Jus’ Worship team for taking care of me on arrival.  I went to the island with the intention of sharing 3 hours a night for 4 days on the subjects of Grace, New Creation, Healing and Evangelism.

For the first night, because of time restraints, we started late at around 8pm, so I decided in my heart that I would only speak for an hour, because I knew people had commitments. We had 5 from the Jus’ Worship team show up, but I’m not bother by numbers, so I preached as if I had a 100.  We discussed the Cross and issues of Shame Guilt and Condemnation in the lives of believers.  For those of you who are familiar with the work of Bob George, I shared the story of Stewart and his punishment to write weekly checks to the family of girl that he had killed with his car.  (Thank You, Donald Nothnagel for the printout)  The message resonated so well that everyone was shocked and amazed by God’s Love towards them and saw the need clear the air between God and Themselves to really walk in the fullness of our relationship with Christ!

Even after I concluded, around 9:15, we talked even more and many folks didn’t leave the venue until closer to 10.  The Message of Grace so resonated, that no one really wanted to leave.  I praise God for Good Ground!  By the end of the evening, my throat started to act up a bit, and I started to lose my voice.  I didn’t worry much about it, I figured a Good Night’s Rest and I’ll be fine.  Our group could have spoken all night, but by 11, we had wrapped up and everyone departed, and the three of us, Shane, Dionne and I settled into the room for the night.

The following morning, my voice didn’t really improve, it got worse.  None the less, I set out to be a tourist with my Guide, Dionne who had taken some time off from work.  I Love being a tourist, it’s one of the few roles where you are celebrated for knowing nothing about a country, and you get to ask all kinds of silly questions without prejudice.   We saw all sides of Bridgetown and the south coast.  We even managed to tour the Barbados Hilton, which was Mind-blowing in its beauty and design.  I sampled local fruits, Fat Pork included, visited some of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen, and met some wonderful people.  Even with my strained voice, the fruit vendor managed to pick up Trinidadian accent, Full Points to that Guy!

While on the streets, I spotted a lady walking with a cane.  I immediately stopped the lady and asked what the condition was.  It was a prosthetic leg.  So I asked if I can pray for a New Leg to Grow back in place of the artificial one.  She made an excuse about being late, and I explain it’s only going to take a few seconds.  So I took her by the hand, and I command a leg to grow back!  She was really touched and shocked.  Although a new leg didn’t manifest in that moment, I’m hoping that some growth will occur over the coming days.  I was very excited!  I was such the tourist that I noticed and pointed out things that even the locals hadn’t noticed!  They were so good to me.  I love those guys.

That evening, we visited the church in the community of Prerogative.  I met the Nazarene Pastor who offered his Church facilities for our engagements.  Unfortunately, we arrived late, and again, my 3 hour teaching and demonstration was whittled down to an hour.  Interestingly enough, as I started preaching and getting into the message, my throat cleared up and my voice strengthened and I managed to preach right the way through.

Now there were a lot of young people there, so I decided to do a sample of the healing teaching for the following day.

Many of them were tired and falling asleep, and I know they were only acknowledging me out of courtesy at some times in my message.  So I asked all the young people to pair up and come to the front.  I asked one half of the pairs to sit and the other half to stand in front their partner and then I told them that we are going to perform a miracle of growing out our other person’s legs to be even.  At that point the sound technician came down from the second floor, apparently he had a very large difference in his legs and came for healing.

I sat everyone down and walked them through the steps, of identifying the person’s shorter leg, and then told them how to command that leg to grow out.  Of the 4 People who came up, all four legs grew out.  Although some had very slight adjustments, but our sound engineer had a drastic move and others felt the sensation.  Then I told the parties to switch, and do the same to the person who had prayed for them.  I even volunteered and said that someone has to grow My Leg out!  The Pastor himself, grew out my leg almost an inch!  That Church will never be the same!  I Continued the Demonstration with the Arms, and then prayed for a few ladies who had pain, then packed up and went back to the hotel.   The Evening was a great success!

Day 3, I had some free time in the morning.  I decided to take a walk to the beach and just relax.  The beach was about 30 minutes away.  I thought I would take a stroll, splash around for a half hour and then come back, 1 maybe 2 hours tops!  But when I got the beach, it took my breathe away, and I didn’t want to leave, apart from my 30 minute walk both ways, I stayed 2 hours in that water!  I thought to myself, How can people work and have jobs when they have ALL THIS in their back yard?!

By evening were back on our way to the church for the Third night of Ministry.  This was the big night, Divine Healing 101.  This is where the training of John G Lake’s DHT,  The Elijah Challenge, and The Power and Love Seminars were all going to be compressed into 1 hour!  It was a miracle that I managed to get as much out as I did.  After teaching about the Kingly Office and the way we Command sickness, I asked for those who needed healing.  A lady from the night before came up with eye pain.  I then asked for a volunteer, and the Pastor’s Daughter came forward to heal her!  I walked her through the steps, and the Pain from the eye moved to the side of her face.  So we prayed again, and she was completely healed.  Also she had some redness in her eye that started to fade.

Next we prayed for heart conditions, and we had some volunteers come up, but they were generally fit men that didn’t have any real means to test out their healing.  After that, we called a few people on the phone, and tried healing at a distance.  The most incredible thing was that I was no longer doing all the healing, it was now the people doing it!    We prayed for a brother over the phone who was blind.  We prayed but there was no immediate manifestation, but he managed to actually come to the session and we prayed for him again and again.  He could feel movement and burning in his eyes, but the sight didn’t manifest.  So I explained that not all healing is instant, we don’t stop contending for the sick just because someone doesn’t get healed immediately.  I was genuinely surprised Troy’s eyes didn’t open that night.

I believe everyone learned a lot, and most importantly, they were stepping out and trying new things, and trusting God!  I was very satisfied with the results from that evening.

The Final day of the Seminar was a Sunday.  We took our time that morning and slept in late.  After a short dip in the pool, I had just enough time to enjoy a few minutes of the Spain Vs. Italy Euro Cup finals in the hotel’s lounge!    From those first few minutes, I knew it was going to be a great football game to watch.  None the less, I’ve got a mission to do, and I walked away from the game to go teach our final subject for the night, Evangelism and prepare for that evening’s healing service.

We started late, with only a handful of people.  I know everyone was tired from all the days, so I didn’t want to go too long.  There isn’t much demonstration you can do for Evangelism, except to hit the streets.  So I shared on our Commission to be ministers of reconciliation, and how the New Testament Model of Evangelism is all about going out into the field.  I basically preached Luke 10 Evangelism.  For those who may not be familiar with Luke Ten Evangelism, my Good friend, Ryan Rhoades from Revival or Riots Ministry, did a great video teaching on this subject.  You can watch the video here:

Basically, as a minister, we must always think to ourselves, what are we doing to empower the Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelist and Teachers that are learning from us in our meetings.  Nothing develops a person like doing the work of the minister.   If people have nothing to do, they won’t grow.  The message was well received, and I believe they saw the potential of building those relationships, especially in the community where this church was located.

At 7:00, that evening we had our healing service, where the team and I were able to minister to 15 persons who came for healing.  Most important of all, I was not the only one doing the praying.  In fact, at this point my voice had started to give out entirely.  So I had to trust God with the team.  I pray for a few select cases, usually doing nothing more than just laying my hands.  Of all the persons who came for healing, everyone was healed, save 2.  Our friend Troy, who was blind, came back and we prayed for him again until we closed, his eyes felt better, he felt better, and a host of other things in his body healed up, but his sight didn’t return up to the point we closed up.  Secondly, a young boy who was both Autistic and had Epileptic seizures, we prayed for him and cast out some devils.  At the end, he was able to have a conversation, but ultimately more work has to be done than the time allowed!  I was so proud of the team!  They all did a great job!

We closed out the evening with a few testimonies, and celebrated Jesus in our hearts, for all that he had done.  I’m so proud of the team and all those involved, and I’m excited to go back when I can, and also to see the fruit from this trip catch fire and take the nation of Barbados by storm!

I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support!

Love you all!

Brook Potter.

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