Kingdom Awakening 2013, Wichita, Kansas

August 26 to August 30th, 2013

Christian Faith Center
1130 S Broadway St
Wichita, KS 67211-2233
Phone (316) 682-3534

Kingdom Awakening 2013, where believers from all around the world will be gathering for this global seminar designed to equip and train the saints for every area in ministry. This 5-day seminar will be taught by the Kingdom’s finest.

The classes are as follows.

1.  Identity in Christ
2.  Healing
3.  Prophecy / Words of Knowledge
4.  Evangelism
5.  Youth / Activation
6.  Couples / Marriage and parenting in the field or missions
7.  Fundraising / Media and networking
8.  Global impacting
9.  New Covenant vs Old Covenant / What’s the difference
10. Worship / In spirit and in truth

We will be promoting healing services every night for the hurting and the suffering and, most importantly, the lost.

Speakers include:

Pete Cabrera Jr & Katie Cabrera –
Thomas & Ahava Fischer –
Joeseph Funaro –
Brook Potter –
Jose Coelho –
Brandon Lee –
Jeff Turner –
Eric Wilding –
Rafael Garcia –
Amos Webskowski –
Art Thomas –
Simon Wilson –
Joshua Tongol –
Art Montgomery –
Cheryl Johnson Fritz –
Josh Wood –
Troy Ruffin
Sue Beach
Jenelle Eickelberg

Everyone who attends will walk away with all our resources and our curriculum and we will be providing all our contacts and connections so that you will be ready to do what we have been trained to do.We will not only teach you what we know but also teach you how to do what we do.

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