Are You Constantly Overwhelmed By That Feeling of Guilt? – Pastor Adam vs Jesus

There really are only two belief systems on the face of the earth, first the religion of men trying to reach God by their works, and then there is religion of God trying to reach men by his love. Now, as often as we hear this, many are not aware of how the religion of Adam can actually be masquerading in our churches and trying to pass itself off as a message of Grace.

Here’s an example, the religion of Adam can Christianize itself by saying things like: “We must confess and repent to keep short accounts of sin with God, otherwise we can lose our salvation.” While the message of Jesus says “Behold I tell you a truth, that all sins have been forgiven the sons of men and I will never leave you nor forsake you.

The Adam Preacher says things like: “Don’t Touch! Don’t Handle, Don’t Watch! And you will be clean and holy.” The message of Jesus is: “You have been made clean by the Words I have spoken unto you (John 15:3).” The Adam Preacher says: “You are Just a Sinner Saved by grace!” The message of Jesus is “You are a New Creation, a Saint and an Adopted Child of God.”

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The Adam preacher declares: “When you sin, you are out of fellowship with God, and must repent and confess to be reconciled again!” The Message of Jesus is, “I reconciled you to myself when you were still dead in your sins (2 Corinthians 5:19). Even if you sin now, I’m not leaving. I’m going through it with you! You are sealed with my Spirit. (Ephesians 1:13)”.  The Adam Preacher insists: “You must hunger and thirst after righteousness!” The message of Jesus is, “Those who come to me, will never hunger and thirst again (John 6:35).”

The Adam Preacher stresses: “You must take up your Cross daily!” The message of Jesus says, “I’ve already carried the Cross.” The Adam Preacher reminds you that:“You got to hold onto God!” The Message of Jesus says, “I’m hold onto you, and none can pluck you out of my hands (John 10:28).”

Do you notice the difference? One is dependent on what we can do; the other is dependent on what Jesus has done. The Adam Preachers sounds good and makes sense to the religious mind, but they are all dead works based in your own self-willed, sin management and behaviour modification. Everything spoken by the Jesus is an Inheritance, undeserved and unchangeable whether you do good or bad.

Look out for those Adam-Works Preachers. They sound so good and Charismatic. They always want you to buck up, get serious, clean yourself up and really live this Christian Life. That might work for a season, but as surely as the earth goes around the Sun, those efforts will fade like all other old covenant teachings. If we could have lived this life with the right motivation, God would not have needed to send Jesus. It is the fact that we can’t live this life, which is why we needed a Saviour. Jesus lived this life for us, perfectly, and included us in his Finished work, and we Live in his Victory, by faith what he says is true about us!

Andrew Farley talking about the difference Between Law and Grace

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