By His Blood – How can I heal others if I am sick?

Believers will lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (Mark 16:18).

One of the questions I often get when teaching about divine healing is from those who are in need of healing themselves. They often think that because they themselves are sick, they cannot be used by God to heal others. Thinking like this implies that healing others has something to do with the state of their physical or lifestyle, rather than by the Stripes of Jesus Christ at the Whipping Posts.

Healing is by God’s Grace. No one can earn their healing, neither can anyone earn the power to heal others. The thinking that a person’s sickness can hinder the power of God is to exalt the sickness above the work of Christ and is a tradition of men. In Mark 16:18, the only things involved in healing is the believer, and the laying on of hands on the sick person. It does not even say pray, neither does it say anything about if the believer is healthy, nor anything about generational curses, sin in the person’s life, if the believer has a leading, if the believer has a gift or if the sick person has faith to be healed.

Christians tend to be difficult to manifest their healing, generally because they think they deserve it from all their Christian service unto God. In those cases, I use old covenant principles to activate people into ministry. The principle of sowing and reaping is applicable for people who need healing to step out and start healing others. If the sick believer starts sowing healing into others, life will be returned to them as they reap. The added benefit is that they often forget about their own needs and find themselves healed when they humbled themselves to the needs of others rather than focusing on their own needs.

If people are healed by compassion or by need through sowing and reaping, Jesus is glorified and gets his just reward for the stripes on his back. Praise God!

Healing is By God's hand

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