By His Blood – God’s Will

We fall short in our understanding of how big the Cross of Christ was, and the major transformation that has taken place within us, as a result of our inclusion in the Finished work.  One of the greatest areas this has impacted us is in the subject of God’s Will for our Lives.

Under the Old Covenant, when the prophet Samuel anointed Saul as king, a declaration was spoken over Saul as he was commissioned, to do all that occasion offers, for God is with you.  (1 Samuel 10:7)  In other words, take advantage of every opportunity.  Later, when David was anointed King, the Prophet Nathan affirmed King David with the statement that he should do all that seems good in his heart, because God is with Him. (1 Chronicles 17:2)

Both of these instances, were under the Old Covenant, when the Holy Spirit would only come upon a person, yet God was so convinced of the power of His Spirit on them, he gave them freedom to do anything they wanted.

Now, under the New Covenant, where the Holy Spirit abides in us, and we have become one in Spirit with the Lord, God trusts us even more to allow us to do whatever seems good in our hearts.  He trusts what he has deposited in us, to produce the life and destiny he planned for us.  He wants us to know that the very desires of our hearts are sometimes His desires for us being expressed through our emotions.

Herein we understand how God expresses His Will to us.  It is not a straight line which we must adhere to by a strict code and not stray, rather is it more like a car park.  We can do anything we want in the area he has allotted for us, and rather than tell us what to do, He will do like what He did to Paul, and tell us when we have strayed outsides of the boundaries and gone too far. (Acts 16:6)

God never wanted us to remain immature where He would have to tell us to do every little thing.  As a new born-again believer, we many times experience that, but at some time we should mature.  We should grow up, and know the Father’s Will and do it.  This is the major difference between the Servant and the Son.  The Servant does what he is told, the Son does what needs to be done because he knows the Father’s heart.

For those who may have children, they may have to tell the child every day to take out the trash.  Day after day, the routine continues, until one day, the child takes the trash out on their own accord.  That is the day they have matured in that area.  It is no different with us. God wants  mature believers who know His heart, know His Will, and do all that occasion allows, rather than staying stagnant, sitting in Churches, waiting on the Lord, while the enemy is busy about stealing, killing and destroying people’s lives.

God trusts us with what He has given us. If we can only agree with what He has made us by His Blood, then we can start to enjoy the effortless God-Life that we were destined to walk in through Christ and part-take in the joys of the harvest.

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