A Conversation with myself from 3+ Years ago.

Back in the Summer of 2010, I Applied for a mission trip to Brazil. Part of the Application was a series of questions about Christian topics. I thought it would have been fun to compare my answers from 2010 to where I am today, in early 2014.

What is the Message of the Cross 2010?

The Cross, is where a Holy God, poured out His Wrath, that was originally intended for humanity for breaking his perfect law, upon Jesus Christ in our Place. Where Jesus took the full punishment of the Father for our disobedience, so now there is nothing left but Grace and Mercy in the Father for those who repent and believe on his Son Jesus Christ.

What is the Message of Cross, 2014?

The Cross is Greatest demonstration of God’s Love towards humanity, where we performed the greatest possible sin, in an act of rebellion towards our creator; We killed God. At the absolute epitome of our evil expression, God decided to Adopt us, and give us full rights as Children of God. He removed the work of Adam, and he included us in the Work of Christ, to show the Nature of his Love. That while we were at our worst, He Loved us, and Blessed us with everything. We now get to tell people the news of what he has already done for all of us, so they can part take in what is already true about them from God’s perspective.

What is Repentance 2010?

Repentance means to turn from one’s Sins. If I steal $100 dollars from you, and come back and say Sorry, but leave the $100 in my pocket, I have not truly repented. Repentance not only require a change of action, but an attempt at restitution.

What is Repentance 2014?

Repentance, means to change your mind. Repentance does not have to do anything with Sin, because we see in the Bible there are time that God Repented. Repentance by nature will result in a change of action. If once I thought stealing was okay, and I change my thinking to say stealing is not okay, I have Repented. While the repentance itself occurs in the mind, the fruit of repentance would be evident in my actions.

What is the Bible to you 2010?

The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, Word of God. It is our guide book firstly to know God and his plan for salvation, and also it provides practical guidance for everyday life. It is important to read the bible everyday so we can feed our Spirit and strengthen our inner man.

What is the Bible to you 2014?

The Bible is an inspired collection of writings that Jesus Christ and the Apostles all called  the Holy Scriptures. The main goal of the Bible is to point us to the author, who is the true Word of God, Jesus Christ that we may know Him and enjoy fellowship in the Life of God. While the bible is not the Word of God, any passage of scripture, can be used by the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus Christ and his nature. The more we see the nature of Jesus Christ, the more we are transformed into the same image, from Glory to Glory.


What should we do when we Sin 2010?

Sin does not make you lose your salvation as a believer, but it breaks fellowship with God. We then have to confess and repent of our sins to get ourselves back into fellowship with God. Repentance is a daily activity, because we sin daily and we need to make sure that sin does not hinder our relationship with God or give permission to the devil to torment our lives.

 What should we do when we Sin 2014?

Sin will never be solved by anything I can do enough of, either repenting, confessing, crying, or feeling bad about them. Sin can only be solved by Trusting in a Redemptive Act of God to resolve the issues in my life. We are in a relationship with Christ, not a religion, if I fall short in an area I confess it to him, and trust him to resolve whatever area in my life that still needs to be renewed. I resist the temptation to look upon my sins and define myself by what I did, rather I looked upon Jesus and confess his righteousness, and express thankfulness that I am already forgiven and nothing can separate me from Him.

What is Sin 2010?

Sin is breaking God’s law. We have all been given a conscienous and we know right from wrong. So every human being knows instinctively what is wrong and should not do it. When we do what is wrong, that is sin.

 What is Sin 2014?

Sin is belief in a lie. If Sin was what we do, then from Adam’s example, eating fruit would somehow be a sin. If Sin was what we do, then Jesus could not say, that sin occurs in the heart for a man who looks upon another man’s wife with Lust, even before he does anything.

Describe the Devil 2010?

Satan is the father of lies, who has comes to kill steal and drestroy. He roams the Earth seeking whom he may devour, so we must be vigilant . The Devil gets permission to torment our lives through generational curses and our own behavior when we sin. That is why it’s important to plead the Blood of Jesus constantly, and keep, breaking curses,  confessing and repenting of our failures and the failures of our generations, to keep the devil away from us.

Describe the Devil 2014?

The Devil is already defeated. Jesus so completely destroyed the devil, that the force of crushing his head, bruised Jesus’ heal. He has no rights or permission to do anything, but his life has been extended on the earth for a season, to be punished even further by the believers whom continue to destroy his works, which he is powerless to stop. The only power Satan has, is the power we give Him by our faith in his lies.

What about our Sin Nature 2010?

Well we have two natures warring inside of us, the sin nature of Adam in our flesh and the Divine Nature of Jesus Christ in our spirit. And they are at war with one another, so it’s important to feed the Spirit by prayer and spending time in the word, while at the same time starving the flesh by resisting sin and not feeding it’s lusts. So that way, the Spirit man can overpower the flesh man and we can walk by the Spirit.

 What about our Sin Nature 2014?

If there is a sin nature, it cannot affect me because I have been crucified with Christ. I am Dead to sin, with no need to die to it over and over again. My sin nature, if there is such a thing, has been circumcised away. I only have one nature, the Divine Nature of Jesus Christ. The Seed of Christ in me has everything within itself to produce the life of God and fruit in me without any need for my intervention. I trust the Seed to do what He said he will do in my life.

What do you think will happen in the Future 2010?

According to the Bible, we’re going to expect things to get worse before Jesus Returns. We should expect to see increasing earthquakes, wars and famines before the Rapture of the church. Then the Anti- Christ will rule for 7 years before the return of he Lord Jesus and all of saints to finally defeat the devil and his forces and usher in a thousand year golden age on the Earth. Then Satan is released for a season, and there is a minor rebellion before God himself descends with a Great White throne, to judge all those who were not taken in the Rapture, and finally destroys the work of Sin, before we enter into Eternity.

What do you think will happen in the Future 2014?

The Kingdom will continue to advance as described in the book of Daniel, and grow into a huge mountain that will consume the entire earth. As the revelation of Christ increases the creation will be loosed and restored more and more to reflect Christ rule over all things. People will start to live longer, and the spirits that currently hold people and nations in bondage, such as false religions, poverty and sickness, will continue to be crushed under our feet as they bow to the Name of Jesus until his faithful return. When the mountain has grown, and the leaven of the Kingdom is full, Jesus will return and hand the creation back to the Father for all Eternity.

Oh how things have changed!

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  1. This is the exact journey I have been on since first encountering the love of Father God in 2010! Haha! He is so good!

    Thank you for sharing this, Brook.


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