Are there hindrances to healings?

“The only Hindrance to Healing is if you believe there are Hindrances to healing.” – Curry Blake

Hindrances to Healings

In the church today, when someone does not get healed, we usually list one of four reasons why that is so.  It’s not God’s Will, It’s Not God’s Time, The Person Lacks Faith or The Person has sin in their life.  That is pretty much an exhaustive list of the excuses we use when a person fails to manifest healing in the Church today.  These excuses amount to nothing more than blaming God and blaming the sick person.

Is it always God’s Will to heal?  Well, Jesus was whipped for our healing, as part of his finished work done on behalf of all humanity.  In fact the Greek word, sozo, can be translated as both Saved and Healed.  To save you a long theological argument, God wants everyone healed simply because for every person to remains sick, that’s a person who Jesus was beaten in vain for.

Is it always God Time for healing?  The Woman with the issue of Blood (Luke 8:43-48) also put this theory to rest.  The woman decided within herself now is the time, and Jesus didn’t even know about it.  The power of God seemed to move to the Woman’s Timing for her healing, not the other way around.

What about if the person lacks faith?  If a person needs faith to be healed, how do we heal someone in a coma?  Or better yet, how much faith did Lazarus have to be raised from the dead?  I’m by no means discounting a person’s faith, as Paul demonstrated in the book of Acts 14:9 -10, but it is not necessary for the person you are praying for to have faith.

In fact Jesus himself said that Healing will be a Sign to the Unbelievers performed by them that Believe. Mark 16:18.  Obviously if an unbeliever is healed, it not based on their faith, but based on the faith of the believer.

What about Sin in a Person’s Life?  If sin could stop the power of God, then how did you get Saved?  The question actually suggests that Sin is more powerful than God.  More importantly, Jesus Christ dealt with the sin issue once and for all. (Hebrews 10:10)  Sin is only a hindrance, if you believe it is a Hindrance.

None of these excuses are Biblically sound.  Rather they are traditions and things we believe to explain away our failures to perform the Miracles.  Jesus only gave two reasons for failure, firstly when they disciples failed to cast out the lunatic spirit (Mathew 17:14-20), he didn’t use any of the above excuse, rather he places the blame squarely on the disciples unbelief (v20).

But the second reason that Jesus gave is far more subtle.   In Jesus conversation with the Pharisee, he makes this statement in Matthew 15:6b   … Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.

The second reason we fail to produce miracles and healings is because of our Traditions.  These are the only two excuses for failure we can find in the scriptures.  If we are not seeing the results that Jesus saw, and we are not living a life of power and victory we can rest assured the problem is on our end, and its because of one of the two reasons Jesus mentioned.

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