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Though I have not yet met Brook Potter in person, I have had the honor of growing a solid friendship with him through a Facebook group that we are both very involved with. It is my pleasure to interview him and share his ministry with you. ~ Jonathan Welton

Jonathan Welton: What is the name of your ministry and how would you describe what you do?

Brook Potter: Currently, I serve as the World Mission Director of Royal Family International University. This is the founded ministry of Pete Cabrera Jr, and our associates from around the world. We serve as an evangelistic network that seeks out individuals and empowers them for the work of the Ministry.

The Global team is involved in a series of meetings and seminars around the world, in various forums and sizes. We have worked with home groups and churches, to full on Seminars and Conference events, all in the aim of teaching the full message of the Cross, its freedom from sin, its power to heal, and the overarching joy of being adopted as a Son of God.

We seek to establish new ministries, where generally there has not been much support in the area of grace and healing teachings. We share training resources and ministry connections, as well as promotional assistance to people we partner. We help establish them individually as ministers as well as part of the overall team.

My role in the organization is both to deploy the teams and coordinate mission trips, but also as a conference speaker on the subjects of New Covenant theology and divine healing.

Jonathan: Where are you based and do you have meetings and activities at your home base?

Brook: Royal Family is based in Great Bend Kansas, with regional and area contacts around the world. I presently live and operate in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, but travel frequently through the Caribbean, the United states and Europe coordinating events and doing training sessions.

Jonathan: Tell us about the books you have written

Brook: I’m presently in the process of putting together my first manuscript, as yet untitled. It will be a testimony of how I came out from religious Christianity by God speaking a simple truth to me and revolutionizing my thinking. Included will be a series of teachings that I believe will be beneficial to those who need to discover the truth of the New Covenant, and the power of divine healing in their personal lives.

Jonathan: What do you see the Lord doing in the earth today?

Brook: I am not one of those people that believe that God is doing something new. Rather, I believe God is doing the same thing he has been doing for the last 2000 years; revealing Jesus Christ to us, in us and through us. I believe these truths were always available to any believer who sought God for understanding.

What differs is that, unlike any time in History, amazing connections are being made and networking is taking place where believers now have access to more resources than just their neighborhood church. God is able to connect people to the right resources, which they need to be free and empowered, that may not have been previously available to them.

Jonathan: Where do you see your ministry going five years from now?

Brook: The seminars I do with Royal Family will definitely be expanded, and I feel there is a future calling to the UK for a season. I don’t know if I will end up moving there or what the connections will be, but I feel I will be spending more time on the ground in Europe working with churches and young people.

Jonathan: What would you do if you were given a million dollars?

Brook: The biggest challenge for me right now is financial. I was a pretty successful Real Estate Developer not that long ago. After the last recession in 2008, I lost pretty much everything in a building project that never sold and was foreclosed upon by the financing bank. It really set me back to square one, and it has been a real struggle to move forward.

With a million dollars, I would pay off some personal debts, and then take a portion to complete a building project I started but never got the funds to complete (a three-townhouse development in a prime location in my country). Then rent those units to provide some passive income to allow for more freedom to travel and minister, as well as give me the opportunity to give to many worthy charities and missions.

Jonathan: If a pastor asked you what other three leaders they should host at their church, who would you recommend and why?

Brook: The three people whom I shamelessly promote at every turn are Joeseph Funaro of Dominion Life World Outreach Center whose training on divine healing and grace are some of the best in the World. Jeff Turner, of Sound of Awakenings Ministries, who is again excellent at teaching on matters of grace, Trinitarian theology, and exposing religion in all its forms. Lastly, but far from least would be Jonathan Welton himself, as I feel his Prophetic Training and End Times teachings are impeccable and a huge benefit to building up the lives of believers.

Jonathan: What three books have deeply impacted your walk with the Lord or your thinking?

Brook: The books that have impacted most are firstly, Andrew Farley’s book, The Naked Gospel. Farley’s work on the subject of grace is by far some of the most in-depth and effective writings we have. While all of Farley’s works are excellent, this was the one that first impacted me, and I have not stopped recommending it to others. While he is not a source for much on the matters of the Supernatural, his works on grace, predestination and understanding spiritual warfare are some of the clearest in a New Covenant sense that we have.

Secondly would be C Baxter Kruger’s Book, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam. While simple and short in its work, it is an excellent study into the work of Jesus Christ and what exactly happened at the Cross. Not that long ago, there was a real upheaval on the matter of what exactly Jesus accomplished and when. I have spoken with many of my brethren, who were working through many of the same issues. It was around this time I was asking of the Lord for clarity, and I bought this book, not even sure what it was about. Later that day, a very good friend of mine messages me and we were discussing some of the things that we were struggling about. He sent me this exact same book, saying it had helped him tremendously. I took that as confirmation, and it has greatly impacted me since.

Lastly would be Mystical Union by John Crowder. I know, I know, Crowder is somewhat of a lightning rod, and for many years I never took him seriously. Ironically, that all changed when Jonathan Welton issued a full-page apology on his blog after having a meeting with Crowder. After that, I took some time to explore some of the things that Crowder was saying. At first, it was hard to stomach, but that was more due to my own personal religious ideals. I have since come to see Crowder in a very different light. His theology and love of church history comes through in his writings making his books some of the best I’ve had the pleasure to read.

Jonathan: If you could have lunch with a famous person, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Brook: Because of my time with Royal Family, I have had the great privileged of meeting most of my heroes. Everyone who has ever impacted my life and whom I feel have helped steer me in the ways that Christ has called of me, I’ve met, and many I’ve had lunch with already.

The list is short, to be honest. The last person I could say that I would want to meet before my time on this earth comes to completion would be Todd White. He was an early inspiration to me getting into the healing ministry, and remains a champion of mine as an example of what God can do with one man. I’m very grateful to him for loving people as he does.

Jonathan: What concerns you about Christianity at this point in history?

Brook: I’m concerned about the immaturity of leaders towards things that they disagree with. I’ve had so many dealings with leaders in the body of Christ, who have demonized fellow brothers and sisters for things they never took time to understand. There are entire movements dedicated to tearing down other ministries they disagree with. Instead of preaching Christ, their mission has become “preach against this church or that message”. It troubles me that we are so far removed from having an environment of love, that disagreement in any form is cause for nasty criticism, and makes the church seem irrelevant and unnecessarily obnoxious.

But this too is changing. Christ is building his Church, and we are receiving a kingdom built on His shoulders. I don’t get down into the mud-slinging, and the meaningless debate of stony ground and those who are protecting their empires. The good news in all of this is that the believers don’t all buy into these lines of attack, and, as such, many are leaving these institutions in search of a real relationship with Christ and with each other in love.

Jonathan: What one book, conference, or project (of yours) would you most like to tell our readers about?

Brook: The Royal Family international University will be hosting a Global Seminar in Wichita Kansas for the purposes of training and equipping. Some of the largest speakers on grace, healing and prophesy are coming out to equip and train all interested parties. Some of these ministries will be recruiting believers for mission trips and other endeavors. It will be one of the largest networking and training events from some of the most popular internet ministries available.

Jonathan: Where can they find out more about your ministry?

Brook: I’ve recently launched a new blog page, for those who are interested in connecting with me directly, at

Brook: Thank you for the opportunity to share a little bit of my heart with you and your readers!

Jonathan: I am really excited about your ministry and am honored to have this interview with you. Thank you, Brook.

Jonathan Welton, The Rogue Theologian

In 2009, Jonathan released his first book, The School of the Seers, which has become a runaway bestseller. Then in 2011 he released Normal Christianity which is a complete paradigm shift for the modern Church. Not intending to slow down, in 2012 Jonathan released two more books, Eyes of Honor which is being heralded as one of the best books ever written about sexual purity and Raptureless, An Optimistic Guide to the End of the World. 2013 has already included the release of his fifth book, The Advancing Kingdom. While he continues to write more manuscripts and travels, lecturing full-time, Jonathan also manages to remain relationally accessible on Facebook and writes a weekly blog at: In September 2013, Jonathan is launching the Supernatural Bible School Online. He is currently finishing his Doctorate in Theology.

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