3 Days in Hell Seminar with Caleb Millar & Jeff Turner

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March 2016, the Father’s House Ministries hosted Jeff Turner and Caleb Miller for a 3 day seminar on the hot topic of the doctrine of hell.

Be sure to connect with Jeff Turner  at Sounds of Awakening Ministries on Facebook and Caleb Miller on his blog, The Imperfect Pastor.

The Satan and The Text part 1 – Fundamental Truths/Genesis

The Satan and The Text part 2. – Genesis/Job

The Satan and The Text part 3. – Jesus Says the Unthinkable

Why there is no hell (and why we’re there), Part 4.

Deconstructing the doctrine of Hell, Part 5.

The Hallowing of Hell, Part 6.

Q&A Session with Jeff Turner and Caleb Miller.

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