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What it really means to be in the flesh – Bertie Brits (video teaching)

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About Bertie Brits

Since the day I was saved in 1989 I have shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. I received a boundless love for the Word of God and couldn’t stop reading the Bible. By Grace I believed what was written in the Word of God. I would simply take what I read in the Word and go and do it. A passion for healing was born in me when I read Matt 10, ...

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How NOT to argue against Universalism!

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“Every statement of faith is subjective. That doesn’t mean we cannot be confident or certain about it, it only means that there is no way to objectively confirm or deny it in this life .” – Brook Potter

I am always encouraged by people discussing the taboo topics of Christianity. When people are discussing and debating issues like Hell, the Rapture and different types of atonement, it is a good sign that fear is no longer their primary motivator, and they ...

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